When you can’t go home for the Jewish holidays, Oklahoma Hillel is your home away from home. Whether it’s meals, services, or social activities, we offer it all. Highlights include, but are not limited to:

Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur: We offer Reform style services for both as well as meals and a break-fast. Click here to view the High Holiday schedule for this year.

Sukkot: We provide a variety of enjoyable activities utilizing our sukka. These range from Pizza in the Hut, to Shabat in the Sukka. The schedule will be available soon.

Hanukah: The first night of Hanukah is Saturday December 8th. We will be having candle lighting in the building every night of Hanukah as well as providing dreidels and menorahs to celebrate at home.

Tu B Shevat: Events we have done in the past are having a Fondue B Shevat Lunch and planting a tree in front of our building.

Purim: You have a chance to make your own hamantashen and also hear the Megillah read in a non-traditional manner.

Passover: We host Sedar the first night and provide Kosher for Passover lunches everyday during the holiday.