Intership Opportunities

Hillel offers one-year internships for outstanding college students at the University of Oklahoma. Interns gain a unique opportunity to affect many aspects of Jewish campus life while receiving an excellent professional and learning experience. Hillel interns will be responsible for coordinating, organizing and executing programming in their specific program area.

An ideal intern will be a student active in campus life with strong interpersonal skills, a commitment to Hillel and Jewish life on campus and a strong desire to develop programming for campus. Interns will work closely with a Hillel professional as their supervisor.

Training and Group Experience

  • Participation in leadership training August 7th– August 10th and January 15th-January 18th
  • Attendance and full participation in weekly OU Hillel cohort meetings
  • Attendance in biweekly meetings with your Hillel supervisor

Relationship Building

  • Build relationships with 30 Jewish students, 1/3 of which are not actively involved in Jewish life.
  • Input all engagement relationship information to OU Hillel Intern Website
  • Have at least two coffee dates/Out of Hillel interactions with engagees weekly

Community Building

  • Bring 1-2 engagees to each Shabbat per semester
  • Bring 1-2 friends/engagees to each event per semester
  • Set up and work one “Tabling” event a semester (i.e. howdy week, freshman fair…)
  • Attend Schmoozeday at least five times a semester
  • Text or contact 5 friends/engagees personally inviting them to join you at an event for EVERY event

Programs and Initiatives

  • Plan at least 4 events a semester that focus on your target student population from start to finish; which includes, but not limited to…
    • All publicity production
    • Having a detailed event outline 3 weeks prior to event
    • Promoting event on social media, Hillel big calendar and campus if necessary
  • Host at least one Shabbat around campus (SAC) a year.

All student leaders are also responsible for Engagement. They are constantly reaching out to their Jewish peers on campus and inviting them to join them at Shabbat and/or other programming, encouraging people to go on Birthright, and engaging them in Jewish Conversation and Meaningful Jewish Experiences.

Position Specific Requirements: 

Jewish Life Internship

  • Organize and run Shabbat each week including: set up, services, meal planning and volunteer coordination
  • Plan Jewish themed events; such as, holidays and Jewish learning opportunities

Tzedek/Social Justice Internship

  • Organize monthly community service projects
  • Inform and educate students about all other community service event/projects in the OKC metro area
  • Organize student involvement with volunteer opportunities; such as, the Big Event, Soonerthon, Relay for Life etc.

Social Activities Internship

  • Plan small and large gatherings /programs at Hillel to create a warm and welcoming Hillel environment
  • Plan both 21 plus events and freshmen events with Hillel staff

Campus Outreach Internship

  • Reach out to Greek organizations
  • Infuse Jewish social justice questions through Ask Big Questions into events such as Soonerthon and big event
  • Help increase campus presence by holding events with other non-Jewish organizations

Israel Internship

  • Plan Israeli culture and educational programs both in Hillel and on campus
  • Help recruit for Birthright
  • Work closely with Sooners for Israel and Hebrew club to co-sponsor events